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Welcome to Cycle Cat, home of the highest-quality and most innovative motorcycle performance products available...
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Cycle Cat Products

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Cycle Cat News

  • Cycle Cat announces - Gary Zimmerman to (re)join the team

    Cycle Cat has some amazing news to annouce! Gary Zimmerman, the engineering brains behind the old Cycle Cat product - the designer of just about all Cycle Cat products and the mastermind who designed the UCS1 Motor Cycle Stand that won Motor Cycleist Magazine's MOTY Best New Product of 2005 - has (re)joined the new Cycle Cat team.

    With the addition of Gary, Cycle Cat products going forward are guaranteed to be the same amazing quality and outstanding engineering level as Cycle Cat products have been in the past.

    Welcome Gary!

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  • Cycle Cat is Back!

    Cycle Cat has been dormant for the last four years, but no longer! Immediately after the first announcement of its rebirth the community has delivered a message loud and clear: Cycle Cat products have been sorely missed in the Ducati and motorcycle community in general.

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Cycle Cat

You might think we're all about motorcycle performance...

...and we are, but more than that, we're about people. Our people and our customers. From the day Cycle Cat was established in the year 2000, we've based everything we do, and everything we think about, on the objective of doing the kinds of things, and making the kinds of products, which absolutely positively leave our customers feeling great about us. After all, doing brilliant things for bikes and inventing great products is pretty hollow if we don't make people happy.


Cycle Cat designs and produces the world’s finest motorcycle performance products, including multi-adjustable billet rearsets, bar mounting systems, frame and bar slider systems, clutch and sprocket covers, true-solo pro rearstands (paddock stands), service stands and race bike starters. Cycle Cat’s design team proudly presents its growing line of motorcycle enhancements and upgrades – If Cycle Cat doesn’t produce what you want today, its probably in development!